Pioneers of Open-Source Microscopy 

Each team member brings unique insights, fostering an environment of collaboration and transparency. This spirit is embedded in our PlanktoScope, mirroring our open-source philosophy.

Thibaut Pollina

Chief Executive Officer

Thibaut is the inventor and coordinator of the PlanktoScope. As CEO of FairScope, Thibaut plays a pivotal role in steering the company's strategic direction and fostering a culture of innovation. He is responsible for making key decisions, driving business growth, and ensuring that FairScope remains at the forefront of its industry.

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David Le Guen

Chief Operating Officer

David is a highly versatile and self-taught engineer with​ extensive experience in various fields. He is interested in positions related to conception, prototyping, procurement, fabrication, and assembly.

Tanguy Cebron De Lisle 

Technical Production Manager 

Tanguy plays a crucial role in enhancing production methodologies for the PlanktoScope manufacturing. He oversees quality control, ensures traceability of components and units, and maintains essential documentation in English. 

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Jérémy Szymczak

Marine Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor

With a PhD in Marine Biology, Jérémy is the Marine Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor at FairScope. He specializes in using the PlanktoScope for research and development, enhancing models, and fostering partnerships with leading laboratories.

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Servanne Flamanc - Moalic

Office Manager

Servanne, currently pursuing her education at the Institut Supérieur de Management des Entreprises in Nantes, serves as the Office Manager at FairScope. Her role is pivotal in maintaining operational efficiency and supporting various team members, ensuring smooth internal communication.

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Wassim Chakroun

Software Development & IA

Wassim is a final year data science engineering student at IMT Atlantique. Wassim is a driven and enthusiastic team member and he is passionate about using artificial intelligence and data science to solve complex problems and create meaningful impact.

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Morgan Coulm

MLops & Software Developper

Morgan is a graduate of École IA Microsoft By Simplon with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence development. Currently working as a MLops AI developer, Morgan is deeply passionate about harnessing the power of open source projects to create functional solutions. 

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