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The PlanktoScope V.2.6 is a flow-through microscope designed by FairScope for high-precision imaging of suspended particles, it excels in capturing details of plankton up to 300 µm, enabling comprehensive planktonic studies. This cost-efficient device, equipped with high-resolution imaging capabilities, is an ideal asset for research labs focusing on aquatic ecosystems, offering a balance between budget constraints and the need for sophisticated microscopy.


Developed by its original inventor, PlanktoScope V.2.6 provides accurate, high-resolution imaging for the global scientific community.


Featuring automated image capture and analysis capabilities, PlanktoScope adjusts to various research needs and is EcoTaxa compatible.


With diverse connectivity options and open-source software, PlanktoScope offers seamless access to data, stored locally or in the cloud.


Sized for portability and crafted from robust bamboo plywood, PlanktoScope is easy to use and engineered to withstand long lab hours.

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