Igniting Curiosity and Inspiring Conservation

Revolutionizing Marine Biology through Innovative and Sustainable Microscopy Technologies

At FairScope, we are driven by a mission to democratize access to high-quality scientific tools and data. Established in 2023 by Thibaut Pollina, we represent a shared passion for the exploration of the microscopic world, with a particular emphasis on the diverse and vital world of plankton.

We believe in the transformative power of science, but recognize that it's often barred by the cost and complexity of scientific equipment. That's where we come in. Our primary offering, the PlanktoScope, is an innovative and accessible tool that brings scientific research to the palm of your hand. Designed to explore and study plankton, the lifeblood of our aquatic ecosystems, the PlanktoScope is our mark in the democratization of marine biology research and preservation.

Team and Foundation

FairScope is propelled by a core team of two individuals, each bringing unique and complementary skills. Thibaut Pollina, the Chief Executive Officer, combines his robust background in biology and ecology with experience from renowned research institutions like the Station Biologique de Roscoff and the PrakashLab at Stanford University. His passion for microscopic life diversity is the driving force behind our sales, management, quality control, and research program.

David Le Guen, the Director of Operations, is a self-taught individual with diverse experiences from construction to artisanal design. His deep understanding of marine sampling challenges directs our design, prototyping, purchasing, manufacturing, and assembly. Together, Thibaut and David transformed the PlanktoScope project into a tangible reality by transitioning from academia to entrepreneurship, marking the genesis of FairScope.


FairScope offers the PlanktoScope as both a pre-assembled unit and a DIY kit. Our aim is to cater to the diverse needs of our community, from seasoned researchers in need of a reliable, ready-to-use tool, to educational groups, hobbyists, or citizen scientists eager to engage hands-on with the assembly process. By providing the PlanktoScope in these two formats, FairScope ensures the accessibility of the product, while fostering scientific curiosity, problem-solving skills, and an understanding of the underlying technology.

Collage of PlanktoScope build by the PlanktoScope community


Our community lies at the heart of FairScope. Spanning across various fields and regions, our users are engaged in diverse projects, from monitoring phytoplankton and zooplankton in water bodies to evaluating the impact of environmental changes on aquatic ecosystems. Some are educators, using the PlanktoScope as a teaching aid, while others are artists, leveraging the power of the device for unique installations. From professional researchers in established institutions to citizen scientists aboard sailboats, we strive to serve and learn from this dynamic community.

Collage of plankton taken via the PlanktoScope 2.2 during Tara Microbiomes - View on EcoTaxa

Open Collaboration

As an organization, FairScope deeply values the principles of openness and collaboration. By promoting open science and open-source methodologies, we ensure that our technology remains transparent, customizable, and continuously evolving. This collaborative ethos extends to our community as well, creating a shared platform where users can exchange ideas, findings, and improvements.

Looking Forward

As we move forward, FairScope aims to further enhance the PlanktoScope, in terms of its capabilities, ease of use, and affordability. We are also exploring other scientific tools that could benefit from our model of open, accessible, and community-driven development. Through these efforts, we hope to empower more individuals and groups to contribute to science, exploration, and discovery, ensuring a more inclusive and impactful future for research.

At FairScope, we believe in the power of shared discovery and that together, we can uncover the microscopic secrets of our world.

Igniting Curiosity and Inspiring Conservation
FairScope, Thibaut Pollina January 26, 2023
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